So everyone can have a chance to enjoy taking on a workshop those are going to be happening on Thursday and Friday. The full list will be released closer to the date of the meet.

On Saturday , those classrooms turn into a space where people who had a chance to have a workshop there, and those who didn't, to catch up with others interested in that field and further progress their pieces. Also we will be having some demos lectures throughout the day.

Sunday we kick off a bit later so everyone can sleep one extra hour. After lunch is served we will begin preparations for the auction collecting the hottest pieces to help raise funds for Health 4 Moz (a non-profit private law association) that has as its objective the implementation and support of development cooperation programs and projects and of humanitarian assistance in Mozambique in the areas of health, including education, medical, drug and food assistance.  Mozambique is a former Portuguese colony that was severely affected by a cyclone earlier this year in East Africa.

The venue is divided between classrooms, and a huge panel jam area. The classrooms will be themed, according to the mentors inside. We encourage all to visit them and join in one of the workshops happening there. This program is temporary and workshops and demos can suffer alterations till the date of the event.


CLASSROOM ONE: Lettering and calligraphy

Here is where everything begins. You can’t paint what you don’t know how to draw. Here is where you can hone those muscle memory skills you’ve been avoiding for so long.

Workshops and Demos confirmed so far:

  • Brush Lettering with Xesta Studio

  • Architect Casuals with Gaston Castgagnet

  • 3D Lettering Tips and Tricks in Adobe Illustrator with Emiel Saada

CLASSROOM TWO: gold leaf

The “I only came here to play with expensive materials” room. You will have a chance to work with water based gilding and surface gilding.

We are locking down the program for this room yet and will be releasing this as soon as possible.




Mike Meyer will be guiding novices, people who are not yet feeling that comfortable with their skills, on the basics of sign painting. Practice strokes, letter construction and tips and tricks he has been gathering for his whole life. Other mentors will be present during the event to help Mike and the novices out.


For those who want to kick up a notch, you could try painting something other than letters.

Workshops and Demos confirmed so far:

  • Lowbrow Pin Striping with Jussi

  • Ornaments Fileteado Style with Oscar Nomen

  • Blackboard Essentials with Michael Tilly